1. The Marriage

From the recording Lover's Moon


Lightning splits the ancient night,
Your eyes split my courage
Would you like to split a pint
Perhaps discuss the marriage
Lovers come as husbands go
but they - won’t erase my failure
When I did, I said I do
Now I’ve - lied to God and me and you
I am dazed and I’m confused
I got nothing, to come home to
But while I sing these heartfelt blues
I’ll wish for you...........a sweeter tune
It seems just like a year or two
It should have been forever
Now you believe I hated you
With a small but cruel endeavor
I am dazed and I’m confused
I got nothin’ to hold on to
But while I drink these bitter blues
I’ll wish for you….a sweeter tune
Lightning splits my desperate fight
And what’s left of my courage
Think I’ll dissolve into a pint
As you dissolve our marriage............
as you dissolve our marriage