1. I Know

From the recording In the Wake


I know this feeling, can’t be the end
Something so sacred, why we begin.
I feel this feeling, coming to an end.

I know these worries, (that) we can’t lay down
Fly like snow flurries, when we turn around
They’re just as weightless, as our feet on the ground

I know the evening, and I’ve seen the morning through
Something’s always turning, me back into you.
Dreaming on the lawn, under streetlights in the dawn.

And I know the daybreak, is darker than the nightfall
Every tender secret, wears an iron shall
But I know this feeling, can’t be the end.

Something small is stirring, in a corner far away
Deep inside a heart that holds itself at bay.
So I know this feeling, won’t be the end.
I see a new hope, right around the bend.
I know….